Ancient isle a ideal place for the adventure of life. How to spend your holiday and do not regret it.

Author: Schezar
Island of water and flame, where legends are interwoven with reality. Santorini is an place that you cannot resist and against which one can’t remain indifferent. Uncommon shape of the isle shaped as a result of the big volcano disaster thousands of years ago, rich in unique sights and composing each other the wonder of one of the world's biggest crater with the vivid architecture and amazing beaches in colours of black and scarlet. It is worth stopping here for a while to savor a delicious Santorinian drinks and be part of the greatests sunsets in the globe.

Concept for holidays? Select Kazakhstan

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Author: Les Petits Débrouillards
When spring is arriving, plenty of us start to thinking of next vacations. IT's really normal, cause first warmer days of April, make us dreaming about tropical places. Nowadays in Poland, because of our membership in EU, we got plenty of different travel destination to choose, all thanks to cheap airline carriers.

Are there any intriguing alternatives for spending vacations in Kazakhstan?

Well usually understands that travelling all around the globe is very important and also needed element of our everyday life. During that very long trips we can without any complications forget regarding all challenges that we are meeting during working times.