Are you Thinking about buying a reverse camera for a car

modern car - BMW
Author: Yahya S.
In the new models of cars, a reverse camera is often already installed. People that are not familiar with that device may consider it as just another redundant device created by manufacturers only to collect more money on trusting drivers and car enthusiasts. However, that can not be fully true. Namely, more and more well-known opinion is that the rear camera not just improves the comfort of driving, but also increases safety of driver and other traffic participants.

No plans for summertime? Switch your apartment!

Author: 智傑 雷
Very common way of spending holiday is exchange homes. People from totally different countries and culture, are meeting at Internet and decide to stay for few weeks in each other apartments. Usually, they don't know destinate city at all, they don't know the language, but sometimes friends of host are helping with adaptation. This way of travel is mostly famous in Esperanto circles, then language barrier is not an issue. Two teachers of this language, Paweł from Szczecin and Salman from Istanbul exchange their apartments. Let's see what each one has to say about living for 2 weeks in totally different culture.

Why more and more tourists are flying by planes?

Author: Michael Coghlan
Times, when we were cruising trough Europe by bus, spending many hours to get to our tourist destinations, are past. Nowadays, plenty of young people are flighting by airplane. Nothing wrong with that - thanks to newest airline companies, we are able to buy low-price ticket for flights whole around the globe. Even journey from Europe to Australia is in our reach, but we have to find good deal. Make sure that your holiday will be the best and low-price, by fallowing some tips.

Luxury hotels in Santorini Greece – a key to attractive memories and an area that may be compared to paradise

Paradise is a place a lot of people have good associations. Despite the fact that we tend to say about different places as well as situations that we feel like we would be there, in the reality we regularly refer this term to various religions. Nonetheless, we might be certain that picking example for luxury hotels in Santorini we would have doubts regards the concept of paradise is not something that can be achieved on Earth.