Searching for travel inspirations? Go to Switzerland

Switzerland is very amazing country. It use to be one of the poorest district in whole Old Continent, thanks to lack of grounds for sowing. But at the moment, anything had change. Swiss people are very rich, so much, that they do not must to be part of European Union. But even so, travelers from Poland are also able to visit this magnificent country, without having a passport, just Identity Document is required. That is because Switzerland is a part of Schengen zone. Beside, because of big popularity of this area, tickets for flights to Geneva or Bern are very reasonable. No matter the time of year, you must to give it a try, you won't regret it.
When you are a fan of winter sports and you want to going on ski or snowboard, maybe you can consider Swiss Alps? Surely, it is a lot more remote then Polish mountains, but not if you wish to go there by an airplane. Flights ( from Warsaw to Geneva took like couple hours, it is much more quicker then traveling by a car to Zakopane (enter this page). Also, you do not have to be worried about your equipment, cause plenty of the airline carriers are allowing to take sport gadgets to the plane, but inside the cabin. It cost like normal, registered baggage, and your clothes should fit in carry on, for sure. When you have never been in other winter cities then domestics ones, you should be astonished, for sure. Great conditions on the mountainsides, nice apartments at the top of the hills, excellent roads. After busy day on slope, you may visit some inn to drink tasty beer and eat classical, cheese soup. And even if you are not a fan of cold season, you may visit Swiss Alps during the summer time. The weather is lovely, and you could go for tour around all fancy former hospitals for consumptives. warsaw.jpg|L|W=200|ALT=Warsaw|TITLE=Warsaw]

But if you are more urban type of atourist, you will be satisfied as well. There are many of flights to Geneva available from different Polish airports, in very reasonable prices. The most relevant, is to book your tickets several months before your journey, it will be much more cheaper like that. You just need to use your internet browser and write down correct key words, like "flights from Warsaw to Geneva" for example. Later is good to book some room in the hostels, it is the cheapest method. When you arrive in the city, you will be charmed (find out more information). This land is divided into two parts - one is really pretty and melancholic with a lot of tiny bridges above the river, and nice, historical two floors tall residences. Also, you could visit one out of many green area, swim in a clean lake for free, and grab a beer wherever you like - it is not forbidden in Switzerland. Another part of Geneva is much more modern. You will find there spectacular, tall skyscrapers, made entirely of steel and glass. This is financial district, with a lot of important institutions, like headquarter of UN or Red Cross.
Author: Daniel Jolivet

Exploring Switzerland is really nice concept, in each time of the year. Mainly since you may locate very nice deals on flights to Geneva. You could have a great time on slopes, exploring famous clinics, like one in Davos, for instance. And if you are interested in architecture, you have to go to Geneva, both nostalgic and urban land, where everybody will find something for themselves.